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Citation is always a part of good feminist practice and here we have listed everyone that Maru references with links to further reading and articles referenced.
Trigger Warning
This page references sexual and gender-based violence that individuals may find triggering, shocking or upsetting. This content may not be appropriate for younger ages.

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Leonard Cheshire (2019), Online disability hate crimes soar 33%
tw Lists ableist insults
tw Lists racist, misogynistic, Islamaphobic and ableist insults
Chaka L. Bachmann and Becca Gooch (2017), LGBT In Britain: Hate Crime and Discrimination
tw Includes violent physical and verbal homophobic and transphobic incidences
Anti Defamation League (2013), A BRIEF HISTORY OF ANTI-SEMITISM
tw Includes anti-Semitic verbal and physical abuse
Jean-Paul van Belle, Kayla Hendricks and Pitso Tsibolane (2020), Cyber-Harassment Victimization Among South African LGBTQIA+ Youth
tw Includes content on suicide
tw Includes content on suicide and self harm
tw Includes content on suicide and self harm
tw Includes content on suicide
tw Includes racist slurs
tw Includes rape mentions
Yair Rosenberg (2017), Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter
tw Quotes antisemitic abuse
tw Includes content on revenge porn
tw Includes content on physical violence, death threats and racial slurs
tw Includes content on suicide and homophobic slurs
Good Therapy, Victim-blaming
tw Includes content on rape
tw Includes racist and homophobic slurs
tw Includes content on transphobia
Brandwatch and Ditch the Label (2019) Exposed: The Scale of Transphobia Online
tw Includes content on transphobia