Lifting voices against
online harassment
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Anti-Harassment Organisations
There are many global organisations who offer robust support systems for those experiencing all types of online abuse. The organisations we’ve listed here have been chosen because they offer direct access to helplines and support services in different regions.
Middle East & North Africa
Trigger Warning
This page references sexual and gender-based violence that individuals may find triggering, shocking or upsetting. This content may not be appropriate for younger ages.
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A collaborative campaign project that highlights the problem of tech-related violence against women and provides research and solutions from different parts of the world.
An international project (led by Stonewall in coalition with 24 human rights organisations) that builds evidence to advocate for the rights of lesbians, bi women and trans (LBT+) people worldwide.
A safety resource hub for journalists to tackle online violence, online abuse or trolling.
A non-profit organisation working to create a society where human rights are guaranteed regardless of status, identity, orientation and affiliation. Their online resources include guidance on staying safe online.
A community group that provides resources to victims of online bullying, stalking, revenge pornography or any other forms of cyber harassment.
A nonprofit organisation committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online with an online help centre and downloadable resources.
A 24/7crisis hotline and legal organisation that provides support, technical advice and information for victims of online abuse.
A crisis helpline, advocacy group and resource center for people who are experiencing online abuse.
24/7, anonymous, free, confidential, professional phone service for ages 20 and under. 
An anonymous and confidential guidance service on crimes and human rights violations on the Internet.
A non-profit organisation that provides awareness training, reporting and legal support and trauma counselling.
A partnership with Bengaluru City Police led by Mrs Rani Shetty that provides support and advice for people who have had intimate images shared without their consent.
An advocacy NGO focussing on human rights, democratic process and digital governance with reporting services and downloadable guides. Hamara Internet is a campaign by Digital Rights Foundation that seeks to acknowledge the increasing trend of online technology-related abuse.
A confidential legal and counseling support service specifically designed for survivors of harassment with a comprehensive directory of lawyers around the country.
An organisation that supports victims of online sexual violence through counselling, video deletion service and legal support.
A non-profit organisation where you can report illegal and harmful content such as child pornography and revenge porn for removal and prosecution.
A non-profit organisation that provides legal consultation, counseling, case management, and assistance to abused women, victims of gender-based violence crime, and children who witness domestic violence.
A charity that works that provides a 24-hr sexual violence crisis centre, online support and a free legal clinic.
Online services for those who have experienced digital violence and online hatred, their loved ones and professionals who need support in matters related to technology-mediated violence.
An official government website explaining the legal rights an individual has to his or her image, as well as pathways to request the removal of an image.
A non-profit organisation that provides support to victims of Non-Consensual Pornography/Revenge Porn, online violence and hate attacks by identifying, reporting and removing content.
A UK charity working towards ending online abuse. They offer guides and resources as well as organising online workshops on digital self care, self defence and safety.
A 24/7 national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
A support organisation for those experiencing harassment online in the UK with a unique set of skills, insights and relationships with industry to provide specialist support
An online resource providing practical advice on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobile devices against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online.
A helpline supporting adults (18+) who are experiencing intimate image abuse/revenge porn.
A charity that provides hate crime, domestic abuse and sexual violence support services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + victims/survivors by telephone, email, text and WhatsApp.
An independent charity that aims to reduce the risk of harm to individuals resulting from online content with research and resources on how to protect yourself
A website that provides information on how to have safer, more positive experiences online with services to help report abuse
An organisation focused helping people stay safe online by providing online safety education, advice and support
Middle East & North Africa
A non-profit organisation that offers a helpline and services to support women who are victims of sexual exploitation, including cyber exploitation
A non-profit organization focused on protecting the human rights of Palestinians in the online space
A gender equality resource centre and UN ECOSOC accredited organization with helplines and emergency support services
A non-profit organisation that help victims report harassment and enables bystanders to ge effective allies with resources, advice and reporting and intervention services
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